WelcomE to my world

Hi, hey, hello, hola, konichiwa, welcome to my colourful crazy world. 

As some of you might know, I have been writing for the past few years as the Fashion and Travel Editor online at The Assistant Room. But I thought I would take my writing in a new direction so you can find out more about me, read more conversational and possibly controversial topics, and have some fun over here. 

I have been an Executive Assistant for 6 years, one role in which I was the PA to the MD of a social media agency, where I decided I would also try out being an influencer and well... so far so good I would have to say, that’s why you’re here reading this now!

If you hand't noticed I love anything with colour or glitter (or both if it's an option),  I have a major obsession for chocolate, I get lost in yoga, am addicted to travelling and being in the sun, the sea and scuba diving... I basically love just chasing the “good life”! It's what I am good at (as well as being extremely organised) and what I do best. By my side is my french bulldog, Rambo, (and of course a lip balm or two)!  

So welcome to my world, and I hope you find everything you're looking for. If there are topics you particularly want me to talk about, or places you think I should travel to next, please feel free to pop me a note on my contact page, or maybe you just want say hi, and that's OK too!