Jewellery For Any Occasion: Annie Haak Designs

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When it comes to jewellery, I have always been that person to accessorise differently depending on the type of event or occasion I am going to, including my day to day work life accessories. There is not a day I don’t wear jewellery (unless I am running seriously late and then I just feel naked).  

When I discovered Annie Haak last year, I didn’t take my bracelet stack off for days, I didn’t switch them over for events or work, in fact, I haven’t actually taken them off since I got them, and now I wear 2 very gorgeous pieces next to my watch all day, every day, to work, to events, in the bath and even when I was travelling in the Philippines. They are literally a part of me now.  

For me Annie Haak is so beautifully understated that you can wear it for any occasion and with anything, it just goes with everything. How refreshing is that from a jewellery brand? As you all know (well I think most of you know) my day to day job is being an Executive Assistant, looking after some very influential males in the advertising world, so when I am due to be at a meeting (who I am kidding, more like meeting(s), plural), and then off to an event or dinner with a friend in the evening, I just don’t have the time to think of changing over my accessories (neither do I have the handbag space to carry a change to be honest), which makes Annie Haak just perfect for my work life balance. No one really wants to be rushing across London thinking “goodness, I should probably add an accessory to my outfit” and then not having one, or worse, wearing something inappropriate, which is why I genuinely love all Annie Haak has to offer. And like I said, these 2 little bracelets on my wrist, don’t ever come off.  

Whether you work in the creative world or the cooperate world, the Annie Haak collection is beyond suitable for you, imagine this… a chic black tailored suit or dress with killer heels, all you need now is a key piece of jewellery to finish off the look, so why not add a bracelet stack (I can see it now), divine! Or maybe you’re like me, a creative EA who lives in trainers, yet still rocks a bracelet stack to just compliment the outfit I choose. If you look close enough in my Instagram feed, you’ll notice Annie Haak on my wrist in nearly every shot (sorry, not sorry).

For those of you that have not discovered Annie Haak before (you’ve really missed out by the way, but don’t worry you’re here now), you should know they do various bracelets and bracelet stacks, rings, and earrings, all of which are super super elegant and pretty, and come in either sterling silver, gold, or rose gold (so no nasty green staining your skin, ew, no thanks)!  

Dancing with Colour, is Annie Haak’s new Spring Summer 2018 collection, and it is dreamy. The collection features bracelet stacks coupled with coloured pieces and charms. What I love most about a bracelet stack is you can add and take away a bracelet when ever you wish (if you wish). I have my existing bracelets, the 2 I never take off, then some days I will add a few more to create that boho style and fuller arm candy vibe. One of my favourites from this collection is the “jitter bug”, (even the names of their bracelets are adorable), and it has intricate little charms of a guitar, heart, and a quote “Laughter, Love, Life”, and the bracelet designs themselves are all different beading styles and shapes. This one doesn’t have the colour through it, and I chose it simply because it was perfect for my working day and my social life, and would go with everything I wear to work and then out in the evening also. 

I think Annie Haak’s jewellery has a way of matching to your personality, which is a lovely quality for a brand to be able to do. For example, the quote on my charm saying “Laughter, Love, Life”, that really does describe me! Go and take a look at their designs and I bet you will fall in love with something that just “screams” YOU all over. I would love to know if this is the case, feel free to slide into my dm’s with what you find 🙂 And let’s be honest, we all need to invest in a staple piece of jewellery that works with everything you do in your life.

I get so many compliments on my bracelets, more so than any other piece of jewellery I wear, so it’s nice to be able to share a bit more about them with you all now. I really do hope you love Annie Haak as much as I do, and you go check them out, just to add to the amazingness of the brand, you might like to know that Annie gets much of the inspiration for her designs from the magical island of Bali where she is based for most of the year, so when I say Annie Haak is dreamy, it really is, the story that comes with it is a magical one, and is evident in the way all her pieces are made.

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Love Alex x

Previously published on The Assistant Room, as Fashion & Travel Editor