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It only takes 45 minutes to an hour flight time to be across the water and in Amsterdam (from London), the Netherlands (not to be confused with Neverland where Peter Pan lives, for all those FRIENDS fans reading). Amsterdam is a tiny part of me, seeing as half of my family are dutch and still live there (yay). As far as city breaks go, this city is at the top of my list for all seasons, although Autumn is my favourite time of year to go. Despite what people might think, not everyone is a stoner or obsessed with sex over there, the Dutchies naturally have a very relaxed approach to life, and I love it, and the red light district only consumes a very small part of Amsterdam. It's so different to the hustle and bustle in London, there's still a city atmosphere just a nicer environment all around really. I wrote a post a year ago about Amsterdam itself, a bit more of the history and a more tourist-y guide if you like, which you can read here. But this post is going to be all about the Amstergram, Amsterdam’s most Instagrammable and popular spots.

1) Kicking it off at the top of the list (and pictured above) is Amsterdam’s famous gable houses on the waterside. It seems to be on everyone’s photo bucket list when they visit Amsterdam to take a snap in front of these narrow picturesque houses in the location of Damrak, in the centre of the city, a strip that connects Centraal Station to Dam Square. And if you’re really lucky, you might even pick up a reflection in the water (now how Insta worthy is that!)

2) De Pijp, a district in Amsterdam where you will find plenty of Insta opportunities, cafe’s and restaurants. This is also where you will find the famous wall art “Wake Me Up When I’m Famous”. The exact location can be found here.

3) Cafe George, you have probably seen all the cups that say “George” on them, well that’s an easy shot to get, pop along to one for the George Cafe’s (there are a few) order a hot drink, sit outside or inside, and get that shot. They serve a bistro style lunch too so if you fancy staying for longer than just a drink you totally can.

4) Corner Bakery Amsterdam, the place to be if you’re a foodie, a blogger or milkshake lover. You will definitely have seen the bloggers you follow post images from here with their disgustingly delicious freak shakes, a milkshake with a doughnut, whipped cream, sparkles, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, or any sauce for that matter, put together with a straw in the middle. They do serve more than just these but a visit here will definitely be a cheat day!

5) Mama Kelly, a millennial pink palace and Insta dream. The whole restaurant is pink (you’re sold already aren’t you?), it’s a haven for all of us, with decorative telephones, plates on the walls and pink velvet booths to eat some great food in, you’d be silly not to go and take a few snaps here during a nice lunch or dinner. Do it for the gram! But be warned, the service isn’t the best.

6) Canals, are one of the most beautiful things about Amsterdam. Pick a canal, any canal, they always make for a great travel photo for your feed.

7) Zevenlandenhuizen, meaning the houses of seven countries, is an really impressive little street, the seven houses comes from the fact that the architecture of seven different nations is represented by seven amazing houses! The houses are lined up next to each other and offer you that street style shot for sure!

8) Bikes, bikes bikes, the most popular way to get around Amsterdam, and by far the easiest. Bikes in Amsterdam make for a good accessory (albeit a large one) in any picture whilst acting like a Dutchie.

9) Sticky Fingers, another Instagrammably pink cafe (Amsterdam is full of them)! Sticky Fingers is the perfect place to sip on some coffee and chomp on yummy cake while enjoying the pink interior. The food at this bakery is of course also very Insta worthy too and beautifully presented!

10) Rijksmuseum, this building is truly stunning, and if it’s the giant letters that say I-AM-STERDAM you are looking for, then this is where you need to be heading, you can’t miss this spot of your check list!

There are a lot of places tucked away that are real hidden gems in Amsterdam, it’s about wandering (or biking) and getting lost and then stumbling across them. I highly recommend a visit to Amsterdam if you’ve never been, and even if you have, you should go again, because it really is content goals over there! You don’t have to go to all the colourful spots that I do, but even around the other districts of Amsterdam, in Dam Square or even in Jordaan (a hub of cuteness and creativity), there will be something for everyone, Instagram or not!

Have a great week everyone,

Alex x