Beauty On Your Doorstep

I am, by my own admission, a girl who loves getting LVL lashes. For those of you that are new to what this is, it literally means Length Volume Lift. It is essentially a perm for your own lashes, no extensions or individual lashes involved, just enhancing what your mamma gave ya!

It’s a treatment I have been getting for a few years now every few months. It started when I was going on holiday a few years back, when someone said I should get it done so that when I get that glowing base tan my lashes would look as if I was wearing mascara all day, from waking up, to being by the pool and into the evening, without actually applying it. I thought “OK sure, I have to give this a go”, so I did and now I am obsessed with the natural look it gives. Just to note, you can still wear mascara if you want too, you just might find you don’t actually need to with this treatment.

For people with straight lashes, that just poke out, this will literally be a life changer for you and if you are blessed to have a full eye of lash (I mean it works for a full head of hair), then giving them a little lift and tint will really make a world of difference for you too I think. The cost of it varies from £40 - £80. I usually pay around £60 for mine where ever I go, be careful not to be fooled by a lash perm, it’s LVL you want.

LVL takes about 1 hour to do, using a perming serum and lash tint. You can’t get them wet for 24 hours and should avoid rubbing them. If you have sensitive skin a patch test may be required beforehand.

So now you’re probably wondering where I get it done.. Well I don’t go anywhere, I have a beauty therapist come to my house (fancy huh?) I have been using the Missbeez App for home beauty treatments for about a year and I cannot fault it. In the same way you’d go online or into an app to book anything this is no different, you simply choose the treatment you want or treatments if you’re wanting more than one, then let Missbeez do the work, they’ll send you a few beauty therapist options to then choose from, you can view their past reviews, what services they offer and a variety of time slots that are convenient for you. It’s really the easiest thing to use, I love it. Sometimes I find myself just scrolling on the app wondering what treatment I can book and spoil myself with in the comfort of my own home (that’s the best bit, you don’t have to go out). Missbeez also has a loyalty programme and for for every 10 treatments you book, you receive a free gift - a hand massage when you complete your loyalty card on the app.

Treat yourself and use my code ACSERR33 for £10 off your first treatment (doesn’t have to be LVL).

This is a picture of my eyes, before (left) and after (right) of how my lashes look after an LVL treatment. They look a bit wet because your eyes do water a little during the treatment, but that’s all. This will last for up to 6 weeks, maybe a bit longer if you take care of them.

After care: don’t wash the lashes for 24 hours, try not to rub them and apply lash serum (not necessity just if you want), click HERE to buy the one I use. For this particular treatment I chose Lauren Garfitt, a Missbeez beautician on the go! I hope you’ve all enjoyed a little insight into my all time favourite beauty treatment via the Missbeez App. Let me know if you book a treatment and how you get on, I love seeing what people choose to get done.

Lots of love,

Alex x