Checking in at citizenM, Copenhagen

If you’re a reader of my blog posts you will probably know that 1, I have been to Copenhagen before and 2, I have stayed in a few of the citizenM hotels across Europe and you’ll be delighted to know that the new spot in Copenhagen doesn’t disappoint either. They are hands down such fun hotels to stay in! And this one completely embraces the Danish culture of “Hygge”.

Definition: Hygge: a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that provokes a feeling of contentment or well-being.

EVERYONE and I mean everyone in Copenhagen is so friendly and lovely and there was this real feeling of “safe” when walking around, even in the evenings. The staff at citizenM couldn’t be more accommodating either, even when Lauren (imlaurenblack) and I went to get cups of tea and chocolate in our PJS from the hotel bar, they didn’t bat an eye lid, just laughed and chucked some banter our way! It always feels so homely staying in a citizenM and that is why they’re my preferred hotel to stay in if a place I am travelling to has one there. Have you ever stayed in a citizenM hotel? No.. well then you really are missing out. Yes.. you’ll definitely relate to all of the below.

Located in a prime spot, it was really easy to navigate our way around Copenhagen from the hotel to all the top tourist spots and even though it was baltic outside, it didn’t stop us wandering and exploring before heading back to the extra large marshmallow like bed to relax. Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, they cater to your needs, the living room offers spots to sit and relax, even put your feet up and watch TV if that’s your thing or choose from the books on display to browse too and for the workaholics there are even desks with Apple Macs to work from and all within a 10 second walking distance to the managed kitchen area for all the snacks and drinks and funny quotes you might need. The funny quotes are changed daily on a little chalk board at the kitchen counter and they really do make your day when you read them, it’s the little things in life hey.

I think my favourite thing though has to be the extraordinary design of the wall displays. Across all citizenM hotels you will find artwork from artists such as Andy Warhol and Julian Opie, amongst other contemporary art pieces from up and coming artists. You don’t even need to go to the museums, just wander and explore the living room lobby at a citizenM for a dose of creativity and culture. I wish I could take some of the pieces home with me, especially the gnome flipping you off, or maybe even the balloon dog, or the lightning strobe… See I want it all (hears mother say “I wants don’t get”). So tell me, what’s your favourite piece you can spot in the pictures below?

hotel .jpg

Moving on to the bedrooms and definitely where all the fun happens (and no, I am not talking about that kind of fun), I am talking about the iPad control system they have in all the rooms, where you can play with the room’s lighting, heating, moods, music and films. Want to have a waterfall shower under a pink light? No problem, at citizenM you can shower under the colours of the rainbow. The iPad allows you to control all of the above, you can even set the mood of the room which will adjust the lighting from brighter or dimmer and the music to accompany said mood. Perhaps you have your own ideas of what you want to watch on the TV, again that’s no problem because at citizenM you can link your phone to the TV screen. (I know right, is there anything they can’t do, you might ask). Well the answer is no, actually, in my opinion you couldn’t get a better place to checkin to for a weekend. I mentioned the marshmallow bed of dreams earlier and it really is the softest and most comfiest thing you will ever lay on (they actually make it hard to get out it’s that good). If you’re a bed hogger (like me) your bed buddy will actually be able to sleep on more than an inch of the bed here, the beds at citizenM are wall to wall and 2 metre squared, so you can even choose which way you want to lie, because no matter which way up, down or round it is, you’ll fit perfectly with plenty of room for activities (ha).

So if you do make it out of the bedroom (again, totally innocent here…) then you’ll probably want to visit the iconic Nyhavn canal where you will find the coloured houses/restaurants, about a 15 - 20 minute walk (or hire a bike) from the hotel and not far from there is the instagrammable coffee shop Union Cafe and round the corner from there you’ll find all the luxury designer stores and high street stores too. In the other direction, still only a 15 minute walk away from the doors of the hotel, you will find the main square of trinket shops, vintage shops, and market stalls and also the Botanical Garden. We are not massive fans of museums so we just wandered a lot, shopped a bit, and stopped to nurse a Glogg (mulled wine) around a log fire, because even though it’s minus 2 degrees we were still sat outside with sheepskin blankets and fires (totally lush).

The above is just a little list of things we did, but of course whatever it is you like to do I am sure our dear friend Google will be a better informant than me. At least with me you know where to stay right?!

And on that note, thanks for stopping by… do let me know if you end up staying at a citizenM, I would love to know what you think.

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Lots of love,

Alex x