How do you expect me to GROW if you won't let me GLOW?

*Source Pixi Beauty Blog

*Source Pixi Beauty Blog

I have never written a beauty blog post before but I thought that since I have been sharing snippets of my beauty regime on social media, it might be worth sharing it with you in a more detailed way. I have always had a good relationship with my skin, until recently, we used to get on, it was a happy relationship, one that was clear, we had no issues, but as of late, the cracks have started to show, we've got to know one another even more, and our relationship has been somewhat challenging, troubling and testing. That's right, I am still talking about my skin! 

The relationship started in my teens...When I was growing up as a teenager I had pretty clear skin. I used to get black heads (still do, but who doesn't), but I never had white zits on my cheeks or forehead. I was quite lucky I guess. My mum has always used lovely skin products on her face, and so I followed suit too, making sure I never went to bed with makeup on, even after a night out I would be the girl who removed her makeup and washed her face before climbing into bed at 4am. I had always used make-up wipes to remove my make-up followed by a toner only and a moisturiser, and until recently, this worked wonders, no problems with breakouts, and no horrifying boils coming up on my face (Mmm, nice). I can see some of you rolling your eyes whilst reading this thinking that make-up wipes are the worst thing to remove your make-up with daily and should only be used in desperate times. I know this now, and trust me I stick to it.  

Make-up wipes are not our friends, they don't really clean your skin. Girls, put down the wipes! They basically just smear around whatever makeup, dirt, and dead skin that is chilling on your face, leaving behind what looks like a fresh one, but in reality is actually an even dirtier one. (This is all fact by the way). Oh and they are really bad for the environment did you know?


The cracks started to show when...I hit age 25, and BAM! I suddenly broke out all over my face, my neck and even the top of my back. I couldn't understand what had changed in my diet, my skincare routine or even my lifestyle to warrant the spot attack I was under. Of course hormones do play a role here, so I thought it was that too. I tried cutting out dairy, I tried only eating greens (I eat meat about once a week anyway), and yet nothing seemed to change, the spots were just repeat offending all over my face. The worst thing to do is pick at them (I am sure you know that), but when they are boil like and ready to go, I just can't help it. So I was going through this really odd change in skin, feeling down and annoyed at why nothing was working, and no matter what I did (even just letting the horrors be free showing off their almighty white wasn't helping). I went to the doctors to see if there was anything they could recommend (I didn't want to take pills), where I was prescribed an antibiotic cream to apply every evening before I went to bed, but that didn't scare them away either, it just made my skin peal like crazy.

Signs of an attention seeker... referring to me skin again, it has been crying out for attention, for some real love and care. That's when I discovered Pixi Beauty. I had heard the brand's name pop up in conversation a few times and it was nothing but amazing reviews, so I thought I must try this and see what all the fuss is about. The beauty (genuinely didn't mean to create a pun here) of it is that becoming an influencer allowed me to meet Pixi and learn more about the brand and the products, and how for acne they have created the perfect formula, their Glow Tonic. I told them all about my outbreaks, my change in skin and my oily complexion and they provided me with some products that they thought would help, and guess what? (you'll never guess), my skin has finally started to clear up.


Kiss, cuddle and make up... I really could kiss Pixi! I am going to list below the products I have been using, with an explanation as to how I use them and when I use them. The results I have noticed with Pixi skincare are phenomenal, I really rate them as a brand, they have a fantastic range of skincare (for all skin types) and a make-up collection too (which is also amazing). I would highly recommend Pixi, not only if you're having a tough time with your skin, but even if you're not, to try a product or two, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I use a few products in my daily make-up regime too, and it's just as longlasting and refreshing on the skin as the skincare is.

I am finally back in love with my skin, our relationship is good, stronger than ever to be honest with you, and that's all thanks to Pixi stepping in to mediate between us, and put my skin back in it's place and under control. Thank you Pixi!

Now for the routine, I start by cleansing my face with the Rose Cream Cleanser (it smells divine by the way and I use this to wash in the morning as well as using it to remove my make-up in the evening), followed by the Glow Tonic toner (honestly, the best thing since sliced bread). And then every few days I use the Rose Tonic as well, just as an added extra.

I moisturise every morning and night, using Pixi's Rose Flash Balm, to which every few days I add 2 drops of a Rose Oil Blend. I only very recenlty started using an oil on my skin though, I always thought that because I had oily skin, this would just make me shine beyond belief, but it doesn't, it compliments the skins natural oils just perfectly, giving a very luminous glow. (Glow over shine any day). 

The additional step I occasionally add in is the Rose Caviar Essence, (I do this some evenings), going back to steps 1 to 3, and follow up with the "additional step", after cleansing and toning, you simply press this onto skin and neck and just let it absorb. I usually do this as an evening and as a bed time treatment. 

Masks and mists are my new favourite way to have a pamper session. I have completely changed the way I do a face mask, since using the Glow Mud Mask and the T-Zone Peel-Off Mask (yep, it's all about tackling those balckheads and minimizing the pores in the T-Zone). The T-Zone for those that don't know, is from the forehead down your nose to the chin area, creating a T shape (probably stating the obvious here). I use these products 2 to 3 times a week, they work the same as all normal face masks, leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. I personally prefer to use something a little lighter after a face mask, inseatd of a moisturiser, and the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist is a perfect concoction. 

There are lots of combination sets that Pixi has to offer, which might make it easier for you to try it out, I know it can be quite expensive changing your beauty routine and all it's products, but I have changed mine gradually, and noticed the benefits extremely quickly. You might even find you like the Jasmine Oil blend over the Rose, or if you're like me and like to protect your skin, after every morning routine (before I add make-up) I spray Sun Mist, an SPF 30. Don't be afraid, I would put money on it, that no matter what you try to begin with, you and your skin will love it. 

More importantly, Pixi beauty products are 100% cruelty-free. Although Pixi does not claim to be a vegan brand, they do have a lot of vegan-friendly options that are free of animal-derived ingredients. It's a YES from me. Pixi is also free from all parabens and only uses all natural ingredients. 

Feel free to reach out to ask me any further questions.

Lots of love,