Let's talk about sex baby...

Source: Libresse "Viva la vulva" by AMV BBDO

Source: Libresse "Viva la vulva" by AMV BBDO


Most reading this will have had sex, or if you haven’t you will inevitably one day experience sex at some point. But why in society do some people shy away from this topic? Sex is normal, it is a perfectly normal thing to want to try in your life, whether that is with same sex or opposite sex, it’s all sex and it’s ALL natural.

Growing up in a very open family meant sex was (and still is) talked about around our dinner table as if we are discussing the weather, or our day at work. My mum was always the parent at school who all my friends wanted to talk to about contraception, periods, sex and relationships. Personally I think she should have an “agony aunt” column in a magazine because her life experience combined with her advice is top dollar! How that woman always knows what to say and how to support you in dilemmas is beyond me, she’s a f***ing superstar!

I also found at school, in sex education, the old frumpy teacher never actually explained what all the parts of the body do, how we all look different, feel different, or even what the flappy things on my vagina were (the labia). It was my mum who gave me the “sex” chat, when you can fall pregnant, how and when sex should feel right for you and more importantly what all the parts of the vagina were and what bit does what! There should definitely be more “up to date” sex ed classes in schools… but that’s for another day!

So moving on, I have spoken to a few of my close friends about sex on countless occasions, some go into all the details, not leaving anything to the imagination, whereas others are more private and reluctant to share all the juicy bits, but I am here for the juicy bits, which brings me swiftly on to my next point…


Are you familiar with a toy? (I bet you are). Just like penis’ and vaginas, toys come in all shapes and sizes, looks and feels, and more recently I had the pleasure (literally) of trying out the LELO SONA Cruise which can be found at https://www.lelo.com/ . The LELO SONA Cruise is a clitoral stimulator, that stimulates 75% (YES!) more of your clitoris for a life changing feeling. As a woman, I feel there can sometimes be a taboo around talking openly about pleasuring ourselves, but why? Why should we be ashamed of exploring our own bodies? Who says you can’t feel comfortable to experience the sensation of an orgasm?


The thing about toys is you are able to try them out on yourself or even include your partner, this makes for a very interesting and fun sex life, in my opinion. To feel comfortable enough to experience this, you need to be comfortable with yourself and the toys, I am not saying it has to be all whips and chains (unless you’re into that then YOU GO GLEN COCO), but I honestly believe by including this slightly erotic and intimate part to a couples sex life can be really exhilarating. I am not a sex-pert by any means, everything you’re reading is going off my own life experiences and personal opinions/preferences.

LELO is a luxury sex toy brand with prices ranging from £60 upwards, it is an investment, for you and your partner (totally worth it). The SONA Cruise features eight different and intensely pleasurable settings, so you can find the perfect sensation for you. It is 100% waterproof and made from a single piece of silicone, meaning this one-piece design keeps it watertight, perfect for the bath, shower or even a steamy hot tub! If you are sexually active you may (or may not) be aware some of us women struggle to orgasm through penetration and only with clitoral stimulation can they reach the desired climax, that’s where this little bad boy of a toy comes in handy during sex with your partner, because let’s face it, guys rarely have to worry about reaching theirs.


I asked my followers if they openly talk about sex with their parents, and this was the response:

Very mixed response, loved reading what people had to say!

If you do fancy a chat about anything I have spoken about above, or you want some advice on toys, or even how to introduce them to your partner, maybe you just want to know a bit more from me, then please drop me a line, I am open about all sorts, so fire away here.

Thanks for reading, oh and if you are having sex please be SAFE!

Alex x