Profit, passion and popularity

"The 3 P's", profit, passion and popularity. Is there profit to be made from passion? And is there profit in popularity? The answer is yes! All of us in our life time will experience the 3 P's at some point in our lives or careers. For example, you can be making it rain regularly (ha I wish), or at the top of your game climbing the career ladder reaching for CEO status, or perhaps you're a Miss Popular in your circle of friends, you're the one everyone wants to be around. But can we have one without the other, I am still undecided, in some ways no I don't think you can, and in others possibly yes. For example, you haven't become the CEO of a company by 1, not being passionate, 2, not making a profit and 3, not being popular have you? You made it because you're all of the above and more... am I right? 

Growing up I wanted to be a dancer in the West End, I went to a Performing Arts School, and I was so incredibly passionate about it, and throughout this dream of mine I heard the same thing, over and over again from friends and family and even teachers, that it’s simply not possible to live your passions and succeed in life at the same time (hold that thought), that the only way to succeed is to find a good solid job, work at the same company for 10 years, build your career or profession and hope that it is going to take you up the winding narrow steep career path where you might just make it in life, or you might not, but you need to work hard to take care of your responsibilities and only if you’re lucky, you’d get wealthy along the way.

Stop right there... That couldn't be further from the truth though and I tell you that for nothing. Personally in my opinion, and what I have learnt as I have grown up is that the only way to succeed and make something out of nothing is to follow your passions, and use them to your potential, live out your passion and make it into a profit, who knows you might even become popular in the process! 

Popularity doesn't need to be a negative word, it just needs to be understood that of course if you're popular at work, at home, on social media, or down the pub, you're probably a very passionate person, and consequently could be a very wealthy person... going back to my opening, the bottom line is popularity drives profit . You can't deny it, it does. 

So to find your passion, you need to be active, and search for it within yourself (corny I know, but true). There is no one out there who can tell you what your passions are and how to live a life that fulfils them (they might try) but only you can really make a difference to your life. 

I have always loved being organised, making a plan to make plans, endless lists, and having everything in order excites me (don't laugh), it really does. So when I came across an opportunity to become a Personal Assistant, (imagine...being paid to be organised) and organise others, I thought I was on to a winner. And I was, I have had an amazing career as a Personal Assistant, moving into the Executive Assistant role, and working with high profile people within music and fashion, and then I met a woman who owns a social media agency, and my coggs started turning and a new passion was born, becoming an Influencer was what I then decided I wanted to do, having always loved fashion and travel, and working closely to both industries for the last 6 years, I thought why the heck not try it out. 


Of course for you, it might be something different, it could be almost anything... an industry that you feel drawn to, an interest that you keep coming back to time and time again, or even a cause or movement that you feel strongly about and care for that you want to get involved in.

Your passion will be something you already know, I am sure of it, maybe you just haven't realised it yet or maybe you have and you're on your way to profit and popularity as you read this. What already excites you? What drives you in your daily life? That's probably a good place to start you know... dig deep and see what it is that makes you tick. 

I don't know about you but I think the majority of the older generation when growing up were telling us that if you couldn’t get a degree in an “interest” or hobby, it won’t make you successful, can I see some familiar flags going up at this? I was fortunate enough to have parents that weren't pushy for me to get a degree and go to university, they told me to follow my instincts (once the ballet shoes came off that is), and well it hasn't done me any harm not having a degree has it. University of life has a lot to say for itself you know. 

There is one amazing thing about living today though isn't there, and that is that you, I and everyone has the best opportunity ever to create profit doing what we love… partially because of this great thing called the internet, which is why you're reading this now!

If you’re not sure that your passion will make good money, don’t fret my pet, this doesn’t mean that you should lose all hope of ever being successful, popular or bringing in the big bucks, it just means that you need to identify your other passions and look for the opportunities within that category.

Time to point out that you can definitely have more than one passion, don't let someone tell you different, you will have a variety of passions (don't you?) that you can pick and choose from, some of which might be related to others you already know you have an interest in and some that are worth exploring some more. Think of that opportunity you've just realised you have inside you... exciting times ahead me thinks!

I can’t tell you which order you’ll experience profit, passion and popularity, but I know you will, in some way or another or maybe you already have! It’s interesting isn’t it to think about those three things, surely at some point in our lives so far (and even to come) we have all craved popularity or to be rich, especially when I was about 13 and used to watch “My Sweet Sixteen” on MTV, but just remember we are all on our own journey despite what goes on around us in the media. How you get to your end goal is up to you at the end of the day.

My papa always says, “you only get out of life what you put in Alex”, and he’s right. I put my heart and soul into everything I set my mind to, and although I always seem to face some big challenges along the way, my hard work personally shows to me. You might not always see or know what I am working on or achieving and although I broadcast a lot about my life on social media, I still believe some things should be kept private.

Now, go make good choices, and have fun doing it! 

Alex x